Within the Next... It Will Be


Within the Next... It Will Be


Holmes, Glenn

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C. Alan Publications

Electric Bass Feature

Electric bass in the context of a contemporary percussion ensemble piece – WOW! The possibilities are endless for the programming of this piece. Many changing meters and quick exchanges between soloist and ensemble.

Grade Level: 3
Copyright: 2002
Number of Players: 9 + Solo Electric Bass
Duration: 8:20

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  • Instrumentation

    Solo Electric Bass
    Percussion 1 (xylophone, 3-octave vibraphone, plastic whirling tube)
    Percussion 2 (4.3-octave marimba, glockenspiel, plastic whirling tube)
    Percussion 3 (4.3-octave marimba, glockenspiel, crotales [upper octave], harmonica)
    Percussion 4 (3-octave vibraphone, 2 tambourines, snare drum, large cowbell)
    Percussion 5 (chimes, 2 triangles, snare drum, 5 concert toms, plastic whirling tube)
    Percussion 6 (bell tree, temple blocks, bass drum, harmonica)
    Percussion 7 (5 concert toms, suspended cymbal, crash cymbals, snare drum, thunder sheet, harmonica)
    Percussion 8 (4 suspended cymbals, triangle, xylophone, brake drum, plastic whirling tube, maracas)
    Percussion 9 (4 timpani, tam-tam)