Stomping Ground (4-Part Flex)


Stomping Ground (4-Part Flex)


Holmquist, Carl

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C. Alan Publications

Whether performed by a quartet or a band of 100, Stomping Ground reminds us of those special places where we gathered, such as schools, neighborhoods… and concert halls. Strong melodic lines and stomping rhythms are passed around the ensemble and ultimately transformed into a joyful, optimistic and bold finish as we look forward to returning to those stomping grounds.

Program Notes

The phrase “stomping grounds” is used to describe the common hangouts of humans. Whether it be one’s childhood neighborhood or perhaps a college campus, these are places that we remember with nostalgia. But the figure of speech actually comes from the social behavior of wild animals. The “stomping grounds” of such animals as deer, moose, elephant, etc., are the places where the animals frequently congregate in substantial numbers, in the course of which conventions they mill around and “stomp down” the vegetation and soil.

At a time in which many of us in the music world are navigating creating our art-form in a distanced way, this music seeks to capture the wonderful feeling of strength in numbers, of gathering and congregating at our old stomping grounds. Despite the challenges, the piece takes a turn towards optimism, transforming once agitated sounds to joyful sounds!

The MaxFlex Series for adaptable wind band offers maximum flexibility with pieces across all grade levels, featuring 4 parts plus optional percussion. Each part is transposed and playable by any wind or keyboard percussion instrument in the ensemble. Recommended part assignments are included, but directors may “mix and match” as they see fit.

Grade Level: 4.5
Copyright: 2020
Duration: 5:00

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Full Score (showing all transposed parts)
Condensed Score (only "C" parts)

Adaptable Parts
(2 copies of Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 for each instrument)
B-flat Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
E-flat Alto Saxophone/Baritone Saxophone
B-flat Tenor Saxophone
B-flat Trumpet/Baritone T.C.
F Horn

Percussion Parts (100% optional)
Timpani (4 drums)
Keyboard Percussion (1-2 players): Bells, Xylophone
Percussion 1 (2 players): Snare Drum, Bass Drum
Percussion 2 (2 players): Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Crash Cymbals