Sinfonia a la Danza


Sinfonia a la Danza


Del Borgo, Elliot

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Here is a three movement work comprised of Cakewalk, Sarabande and Gigue. These traditional dance forms have been used by composers in several different musical eras. Each movement can stand on its own or as part of the suite.

Program Notes

Sinfonia a la Danza is a three-movement work comprised of “Cakewalk”, “Sarabande” and “Gigue”, traditional dance forms frequently used by composers in various periods. Great care was taken to utilize the string instruments idiomatically so each movement is musically effective. The “Cakewalk” is marked by rhythmic vitality and solid bow styles. The “Sarabande” is cantabile in nature, and the use of independent lines contributes to a satisfying texture. The “Gigue” is a technical tour de force and brings the piece to a rousing conclusion.

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2009
Number of Players: 8-8-5-5-5
Duration: 7:30

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    Violin I
    Violin II
    Rehearsal Piano