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Razdraz is a fast, showy duet for alto saxophone and 4-1/2 octave marimba in which both performers play equal roles. Close interval sticking is required, as well as independent rolls. The saxophone uses the unique technique of a tongue slap, for a popping sound.

Program Notes

The title Razdraz is a word taken from the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. It is a story about a futuristic society in Britain where the streets are ruled by “ultra-violent” teen gangs. These teens have a language of their own that is so prolific, one hast to constantly refer to the glossary of street slang listed in the appendix of the book to understand the text. My favorite work in this slang is “razdrazk” which means “upset” or “angry.” The union of saxophone and marimba, the rhythmic animation, and the sometimes sassy musical statements in this piece (note the dotted rhythm section) was inspired by the writing of Frank Zappa and his marimba player, Ruth Underwood. This piece is dedicated to the grungy, floppy, baggy, backward baseball cap-wearing youth of America. You can hear a recording of Razdraz on Daniel McCarthy’s CD, “Song of Middle Earth” (also available from C. Alan).

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 1996
Number of Players: 2
Duration: 5:15

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  • Instrumentation

    Alto Saxophone
    Marimba (4.5-octave)