Two of Australia's most famous songs arranged for young full orchestra.Program NotesAustralia's national anthem in a traditional key to accompany singing. '...
Style: String Orchestra
Arranger / Composer: Hultgren, Ralph
Publisher: Brolga Music
In a British style, Best Foot Forward is a spirited march that was among the first original concert band works published in Australia for Australian band...
Style: Concert Band
Arranger / Composer: Hanmer, Ronald
Publisher: Brolga Music
Court Jester March is a quirky, lively march featuring sparking sixteenth notes in the woodwinds, silly syncopation in the brass, and plenty of rhythmic...
Style: Band
Arranger / Composer: Robertson, Karen K.
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Inspired by a poem of the same name by Rainer Maria Rilke, Falling Stars paints a picture of reflection, wonder, and longing through its vivid imagery of a...
Style: Band
Arranger / Composer: Daughtrey, Nathan
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Program NotesPercy Grainger was a multi-faceted artist. He was one of the great pianists of the first half of the twentieth century; the most important English...
Style: Percussion
Arranger / Composer: Grainger; Ragsdale, C.
Publisher: Aux Arcs Music