The Moment of Truth


The Moment of Truth

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Every soloist that stands up to play in front of a big band faces their own ‘moment of truth’. In this chart that moment arrives for the alto saxophone player in an uplifting and funky feature that provides an opportunity for the soloist to really show off their flair and energy. Starting with a fun yet relaxed opening, it isn't long before the chart leads into a punchy bridge section featuring the whole band. There is a brief respite before the soloist takes an extended improvised solo and we begin to hear the ensemble develop in the melodies underneath. The band continues to build with the soloist and finally tears into a simple but powerful band shout section that lets the drummer of the band really let loose! The chart concludes as the soloist finally returns to the original melody before ending their own ‘moment of truth’ with a musical sigh of relief in the final bars!

Grade Level: 3.5
Copyright: 2021

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