Here Be Dragons (orchestra)


Here Be Dragons (orchestra)


Gackstatter, Gary

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C. Alan Publications

Terra Incognita

As the title implies, you are about to enter a realm of mystery and excitement! Ancient cartographers labeled unexplored regions on their maps as "terra incognita" and in one instance wrote Here Be Dragons, signifying the peril that lay ahead. Experience the adventure of such a place through music and unusual sounds with this creative and imaginative work.

Program Notes

Ancient cartographers often labeled unexplored areas on their maps as "terra incognita" or drew pictures of sea monsters, assuming that beyond their present knowledge lay great peril. On one map from the medieval era, the cartographer wrote "Here Be Dragons", which inspired this piece.

Here Be Dragons is the third part of a medieval trilogy for orchestra which also includes "Alchemy: Spirit Into Sound" and "Illuminations: the Visions of Hildegarde Von Bingen". As such, I encourage both conductor and player to go into some of their own unexplored areas of making music and take some chances to see what's out there. You do so at your own risk, of course, but I wish all a safe return.

- Gary Gackstatter

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2012
Duration: 3:55

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  • Instrumentation

    Flute 1
    Flute 2
    Bb Clarinet 1
    Bb Clarinet 2
    Bb Clarinet 3
    Bb Bass Clarinet

    Bb Trumpet 1
    Bb Trumpet 2
    Bb Trumpet 3
    F Horn 1
    F Horn 2
    Trombone 1
    Trombone 2
    Bass Trombone

    Timpani (4 drums)
    Percussion 1 (Bells)
    Percussion 2 (Xylophone)
    Percussion 3 (Vibraphone)
    Percussion 4 (Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Tambourine)
    Percussion 5 (3 Concert Toms, Wind Chimes)
    Percussion 6 (Suspended Cymbal, Tam-Tam, Crash Cymbals, Woodblock, Shaker)

    Violin I
    Violin II