Five Fantasies of Natural Origin


Five Fantasies of Natural Origin

Gillingham, David R.

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Gillingham, David R.
C. Alan Publications

Five Fantasies of Natural Origin carry titles derived from the animal kingdom and were inspired by the composer's brother who has had a lifelong love of creatures of all sizes. Challenging arpeggio patterns predominate but lush, warm chordal phrases provide interesting contrasts. The fourth movement incorporates bowing the marimba bars with a bass bow to provide a different tone from the instrument. While the piece may not specifically depict the animals in the titles, the somewhat "impressionistic" approach to the musical development of the characters seems to stir the imagination of the listener and encourage an especially creative approach to the work.

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2004
Number of Players: 2
Duration: 17:00

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Marimba (5-octave)