EvenStar (Version 3)


EvenStar (Version 3)

Daughtrey, Nathan

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Daughtrey, Nathan
C. Alan Publications

Drawing its inspiration and title from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Evening Star," EvenStar is a lullaby for mezzo soprano, cello, and keyboard percussion (or piano) that tugs at the heart strings with its bittersweet harmonies and soaring, lyrical melodies.

Grade Level: 3
Copyright: 2014
Number of Players: 3-4
Duration: 6:30

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Mezzo Soprano
Keyboard Percussion (2 octaves Crotales, Vibraphone, 5-octave Marimba)*
Optional Piano (replaces percussion)

*To decrease the difficulty level, two individual percussion parts (Vibraphone and Crotales/Marimba) are also included, thus turning the piece into a quartet. Bells may be substituted for the Crotales in this version.