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C. Alan Publications

This pioneering series from C. Alan Publications introduces symphonic bands and orchestras to original works based upon authentic Latin American music. The styles, rhythms, harmonies and melodies reflect the wonderful, irresistible musical traditions of Latin America.

Program Notes

Danzón is the official dance of Cuba and one of the two major categories of popular Cuban music (the Son being the other). It evolved from the European Contradanza and was brought to Cuba in the late 1700’s by Haitians and French colonists fleeing the Haitian revolution.

Viewed as a seductive dance, the danzón became somewhat scandalous as it grew in popularity.

This original danzón consists of three sections: The first section states a plaintive theme which flows over a rhythmic structure in the percussion, low reeds and marimba. The second section features a lyrical theme played consecutively in solo horn, solo baritone and fortissimo saxes that glissando down to their lowest notes. The final section combines the two themes to create a confluence of Latin American melody, passion and form.

Grade Level: 3.5
Copyright: 2014
Number of Players: Standard
Duration: 4:00

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Flute 1&2
Oboe 1&2
Bassoon 1&2
E-flat Clarinet
B-flat Clarinet 1&2
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone 1&2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
F Horn 1&2
Trombone 1&2
Bass Trombone
(TC Baritone)

Percussion 1(Bass Drum)
Percussion 2 (Tambourine)
Percussion 3&4 (Claves/Maracas)
Percussion 5&6 (Cowbell/Guiro)