Chillin' and Hoppin'


Chillin' and Hoppin'


Carroll, Greg

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C. Alan Publications

A relaxed bluesy movement is followed by a quick perpetual motion study. Thought he marimba starts out with a more accompaniment role, it quickly takes its place next to the saxophone for the second movement.

Program Notes

The first movement, Chillin’, has a very relaxed feel and is loosely based on the blues scale. The marimba opens the piece with a simple single line, before settling into a more accompanimental rolled of sustained chords. There are a few exposed moments for the marimba in a solo context, but the movement is led by the jazzy sound of the saxophone. The second movement, Hoppin’, is a quick perpetual motion study set primarily in 3/8. The marimba takes on a role more equal to the saxophone in this movement. Great for a university level recital.

Grade Level: 3
Copyright: 2001
Number of Players: 2
Duration: 2:10

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  • Instrumentation

    Alto Saxophone
    Marimba (4.5-octave)