Caught'ya Caccia, Caged Waltz


Caught'ya Caccia, Caged Waltz


Holmes, Reed

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C. Alan Publications

The first movement, Caught-ya Caccia, uses vibraphone (or marimba) only with the flute. The flute player is asked to play the rain stick and sing at one point in the movement. The second movement, Caged Waltz, utilizes the modest-sized multiple percussion set-up. Alternating between meters of 10/8 and 7/8, this movement is to be funky, with a quirky subterranean bebop bounce.

Grade Level: 3
Copyright: 1995
Number of Players: 2

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  • Instrumentation

    Percussion (vibraphone (or marimba), rain stick, wind chimes, low tom, 1 conga, 1 small timbale, 2 bongos, 3 roto-toms, temple blocks, small woodblock, cowbell)