Bug Catcher


Bug Catcher

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Originally written as a lilting funk chart for five piece band, this conversion to full big band has allowed the tune to develop into a multi layered work that explores connections throughout the band. Recorded by Melbourne’s Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra, Bug Catcher features a nostalgic feeling melody in the alto sax and flugelhorn which becomes part of a conversation with various countermelodies throughout the ensemble. There are featured moments for the lead trombonist, an extended improvised solo for alto saxophone and a funky bass riff that ties the whole piece together for the acoustic bass player throughout the chart. The title refers to a toy the composer had in the 1970’s that was commonplace at the time, (and apparently still is!)

Full recordings of this and other great Australian jazz works can be found on the CD Resolution performed by the Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra available from www.tunemusic.co

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2019

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