Breaking Point


Breaking Point


Smith, Rob

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C. Alan Publications

Written in conjunction with an art exhibition consisting of ceramic and metal sculptures, this work is almost non-stop rhythm. Using object you can easily find around the house, the timbres of metal and clay bring out the relentless energy of the piece.

Program Notes

Breaking Point was written for percussionist Blake Wilkins and premiered at a concert he presented at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in the summer of 2008. His program was designed to relate to their exhibitions of the moment, which consisted of contemporary ceramic and metal sculptures. These exhibits are represented by the use of clay pots, brake drums, cowbell, splash cymbal, and a coffee can. The clay pots are used primarily at the center of the work, as a temporary relief from the relentless energy of the outer sections.

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2009
Number of Players: 1
Duration: 3:45

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Coffee Can
Splash Cymbal
4 Brake Drums
5 Clay Pots