Black Widow


Black Widow


Baird, Bradley

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Black Widow is a unique, colorful, and challenging work for solo snare drum accompanied by marimba quartet that is perfect for showcasing your technical and musical chops on your next performance.

Program Notes

Black Widow is a chamber percussion ensemble for Solo Snare Drum accompanied by Marimba Quartet.

The first deadly spider that comes to mind for many people is the black widow spider. Its daunting characteristics and portrayal in pop culture makes it widely known and recognized. While brainstorming titles for this work, I was (un)fortunate enough to have an encounter with one. Afterwards, I began comparing this experience with characteristics of the piece and found many parallels between the eerie nature of the spider and what was written for the ensemble. The first sound you hear from the snare drum soloist is the swirling of their hand in circles around the drum which calls to mind the spinning of a spider’s web. Additionally, the swelling dynamics performed by the marimbas evoke the lurking of a spider in the environment. Black Widow is a challenging ensemble that will test both musical and technical capabilities of all performers.

Black Widow was premiered on March 31, 2021 at Texas Christian University by Bradley Baird, Jack Beckley, Lester Rushin, Josh Villanueva, and Alex Rodzewich.

Grade Level: 5
Copyright: 2021
Number of Players: 5
Duration: 5:35

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  • Instrumentation

    Snare Drum
    Marimba 1 (4.3-octave)
    Marimba 2 (4.3-octave)
    Marimba 3 (5.0-octave)
    Marimba 4 (5.0-octave)