Appalachian Air


Appalachian Air


Daughtrey, Nathan

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C. Alan Publications

From the warmth of the opening chords in Appalachian Air you begin to sense the breadth of this impressive piece. Based on The Poor Wayfaring Stranger, the first half is poignant and touching followed by a surprisingly exuberant and uplifting second half. The fresh scoring and imaginative rhythmic interplay creates an exceptional artistic work.

Program Notes

Appalachian Air is based on the classic folk tune The Poor Wayfaring Stranger. With roots from an old irish melody, this song was passed on by word of mouth throughout the Appalachian Mountains for many years. The message carried by the song is a powerful one - although life may be full of woe and sorrow now, there is hope for salvation and a much brighter tomorrow.

Grade Level: 2
Copyright: 2003
Number of Players: Standard
Duration: 4:00

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  • Instrumentation

    Flute 1/2
    Bb Clarinet 1/2
    Bb Bass Clarinet
    Alto Saxophone 1/2
    Tenor Saxophone
    Baritone Saxophone

    Horn in F 1/2
    Horn in F 3/4
    Bb Trumpet 1/2
    Horn in F
    (Baritone T.C.)

    Percussion 1 [2 players] (snare drum, bass drum, sleigh bells/tambourine)
    Percussion 2 (suspended cymbal)
    Percussion 3 (chimes, bells)