Adagio on a Sussex Carol


Adagio on a Sussex Carol


Zaninelli, Luigi

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C. Alan Publications

Based on the old English Sussex Mummers Carol, Zaninelli artfully combines original and traditional melodic elements to produce an exciting modern version of this memorable carol.

Program Notes

This is actually two works in one. We first hear a slow melodic variation on the Sussex Carol. This is followed by a simple, new setting of the carol. Then both the Adagio variation and the Carol are heard simultaneously This leads to a powerful climax which culminates in a gentle quiet ending.

Grade Level: 3.5
Copyright: 2010
Number of Players: Standard
Duration: 4:30

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  • adagiosussex.pdf
  • Instrumentation

    Flute 1
    Flute 2
    Oboe 1
    Oboe 2
    English Horn
    Solo Bb Clarinet
    Bb Clarinet 1
    Bb Clarinet 2
    Bb Clarinet 3
    Bb Bass Clarinet
    Eb Contralto Clarinet
    Bassoon 1
    Bassoon 2
    Eb Alto Saxophone 1
    Eb Alto Saxophone 2
    Bb Tenor Saxophone
    Eb Baritone Saxophone

    Bb Trumpet 1
    Bb Trumpet 2
    Bb Trumpet 3
    F Horn 1
    F Horn 2
    F Horn 3
    F Horn 4
    Trombone 1
    Trombone 2
    Trombone 3
    Bass Trombone
    TC Baritone

    String Bass

    Timpani (4 drums)
    Orchestra Bells
    Suspended Cymbal & Triangle
    Bass Drum