Act of Age


Act of Age


Bang, Samuel

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C. Alan Publications

Using the many different tonalities of the vibraphone, the three-movement Act of Age tells an engaging and exquisite coming of age story. Moments of loose time along with the use of unconventional mallets in the third movement allow for the performers to tell their own stories.

Program Notes

Act of Age came to fruition during the winter of my junior year of undergraduate studies. It was around this time that I was being asked by numerous people around me what I wanted to do in life. When asked these questions, I constantly found myself in a very confused and worried state as I felt that I needed to have everything in my life figured out. After giving this dilemma some time and thinking about my situation, I quickly realized that this was simply the process of becoming an adult. I found that many others in my class felt the same. Thus, this piece was written to convey the thoughts and emotions that occur to us when we are asked to grow and take on the world – one that entails the constant doubts that they are properly breaking free of their skin and becoming adults that are able to contribute to the world in their own light. The title Act of Age has two different meanings. The first refers to the act of aging in both the physical and emotional states. The second is a calling to when we must put our youth behind us and start acting of age.
– S.B.

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2022
Number of Players: 1
Duration: 10:00

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    Vibraphone (3-octave)